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Assembl Floor Planner, 2D & 3D Modelling

Floor Planning Visualisation Tools

Effortlessly design and plan diverse spaces, allowing you to drag and drop our entire product range into place seamlessly. Having an accurate floor plan is crucial for informed design choices and cost-effective decision-making. Floorplanner’s editor enables you to swiftly recreate any space within minutes, without requiring specialised software or training. Easily draw rooms, adjust walls, and incorporate doors and windows, while also allowing you to effortlessly drag and drop products to create a Digital Twin of your space.


Utilise our live 3D view to visualise your design decisions in the completed space and generate high-quality 3D renders at an impressive 8K resolution.


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Assembl Marketing Solutions, Growth

Maximise Your Business Edge

Explore the impact of our local advertising program.

Effortlessly connect with homeowners and renovators currently in search of services through our precisely targeted local advertising strategies, showcasing your business on Assembl—the premier renovation platform.


Stand out with an Enhanced Profile designed to capture the attention of homeowners on Assembl, and effectively manage your business’s reputation by cultivating and responding to reviews. Simplify your journey by skipping the complexities of web development. If growth is what you’re after, choose Assembl, and we will craft a professional website for your business.


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Assembl Procurement, Product Management

Leveraging a robust industry network

Working closely with Australia’s leading brands. Our streamlined procurement service ensures a hassle-free experience.Unlock a superior procurement experience with Assembl’s key features:


Collaborate with top-tier brands to access quality products. We handle the entire procurement process – just share your needs. Simplify negotiations and save valuable time with Assembl. Receive customised solutions tailored to both standard and specialised needs. Focus on your business as we seamlessly manage the procurement process for you.



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Frequently asked questions

What is Assembl and how can it benefit me as a professional in the architecture, design, or building industry?

Assembl Company is an innovative platform that redefines the design and building industry by providing a seamless and efficient ecosystem for professionals. As a professional in the architecture, design, or building industry, you can benefit from Assembl in several ways:

Powerful Design & Networking Tools: Assembl offers a unique combination of powerful design tools that enhance your creative process. Additionally, the platform facilitates networking among industry professionals, creating opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Efficient Product Procurement: Assembl streamlines the product procurement process, allowing you to source materials and products more efficiently. This can lead to cost savings and faster project timelines.

Innovation Beyond Conventional Platforms: Assembl Company’s commitment to innovation goes beyond traditional design platforms. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the platform provides you with tools and resources to stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.

Growth Opportunities: Assembl is designed to empower professionals by offering growth opportunities within the industry. Whether through strategic partnerships, project collaborations, or exposure to new clients, the platform aims to contribute to your professional development and business growth.

By leveraging Assembl’s features, you can enhance your efficiency, connectivity, and overall success in the architecture, design, or building industry.

How can I showcase my work on Assembl and what kind of projects are featured on the platform?

To showcase your work on Assembl Company and maximise your presence on the platform, follow these steps:

Create a Comprehensive Profile:

Develop a detailed professional profile that highlights your expertise, experience, and accomplishments in the architecture, design, or building industry.

Include a professional bio, portfolio showcasing your best projects, and relevant certifications or awards.

Upload High-Quality Project Content:

Showcase your work by uploading high-quality images, videos, or renderings of your completed projects. Highlight key design elements, innovative solutions, and any unique aspects of your work.

Provide Detailed Project Descriptions:

Accompany each project with a detailed description that outlines the scope, challenges, and solutions implemented. Use this space to demonstrate your thought process and problem-solving skills.

Engage with the Assembl Company Community:

Actively participate in discussions, forums, and groups within the Assembl Company community. Engaging with other professionals can enhance your visibility and reputation on the platform.

Collaborate on Projects:

Explore collaboration opportunities with other professionals on Assembl. Participating in joint projects can broaden your portfolio and expose you to a wider audience.

Regularly Update Your Profile:

Keep your profile up-to-date by regularly adding new projects, updating your skills and qualifications, and showcasing any recent achievements or milestones.

Can I connect with other professionals or potential clients through Assembl?

Yes, Assembl Company facilitates networking and connections within the industry. Users can easily connect with other professionals, collaborate on projects, and potentially engage with clients interested in their work. The platform’s integrated tagging system enables direct access to professionals’ profiles, fostering meaningful connections.

How can I ensure that my products or services are accurately represented and tagged within the platform?

Assembl Company offers a user-friendly interface for professionals to upload their work and tag products accurately. You can provide detailed information about the products and materials used in your projects, ensuring accurate representation. Regularly updating and maintaining your profile helps in keeping the information up-to-date and relevant.

What kind of support or resources does Assembl offer to professionals using the platform?

Assembl Company provides support and resources to professionals through its user guides, tutorials, and customer service. The platform aims to assist professionals in maximising their presence and visibility, offering guidance on optimising profiles, showcasing projects effectively, and utilising networking features.

Is there a cost associated with joining Assembl as a professional?

Assembl Company offers a range of subscription plans for professionals. These plans may include free options with limited features and paid tiers offering enhanced visibility, marketing tools, and more extensive networking capabilities.

How does Assembl handle intellectual property rights for the showcased work?

Assembl Company respects intellectual property rights and encourages professionals to upload only their original work or projects they have permission to showcase. By uploading content, professionals grant Assembl a license to display and promote their work within the platform’s context. Any concerns regarding intellectual property can be addressed through Assembl Company support channels.

What sets Assembl apart from other platforms in the industry and why should I consider it for networking and showcasing my work?

Assembl Company stands out due to its seamless integration between inspiration, action, and networking within the architecture, design, and building industry. Its visually immersive experience, tagged images, direct access to products and professionals, and integrated store make it a comprehensive tool for professionals. The platform’s ability to combine inspirational browsing with practical solutions sets it apart, offering a unique space for professionals to showcase their work and connect with a diverse audience.



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