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One simply solution for architects, designers, and building professionals.



Assembl stands as the foremost platform catering to architecture, design, and building professionals. Here, you can meticulously craft an engaging profile that serves as a canvas to exhibit your portfolio, unleash your creative vision, and demonstrate your technical expertise.


Utilise compelling visuals, detailed project descriptions, and client endorsements to captivate potential clients and set your brand apart from the rest.


Place your business in front of those that matter the most.


Step 1.

Professionals register and upload ten high-quality images to designated categories within the Assembl Design Space.


Step 2.

Users navigate through the Design Space, meticulously selecting images that resonate with their vision for an ideal design project.


Step 3.

Users can easily identify and access information about the professionals and brands associated with each image, thanks to strategically implemented tags.


Step 4.

Upon clicking on a tag, users are seamlessly directed to either the relevant professional’s profile or the corresponding product within our e-commerce store.


Step 5.

Users are recommended to create a design space folder before initiating contact with a professional. This folder serves as a comprehensive collection of their project requirements and preferences, which they can share with the professional in anticipation of a potential project quotation.


Step 6.

The professional, equipped with all necessary project details, can then provide a comprehensive quotation if the opportunity aligns with their expertise and interests.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Each year, thousands of new homeowners, renovators, and aspiring builders are on the hunt for inspiration, information, and networking opportunities for their upcoming projects.

The Assembl platform not only serves as a powerful lead generation tool but also revolutionizes the design process. It allows professionals to seamlessly connect with potential clients interested in their services, transforming inquiries into long-term partnerships. This streamlined approach not only simplifies lead acquisition but also opens up exciting business opportunities.

By being listed on Assembl, professionals can elevate their standing and credibility within the architecture and construction community. Recognition flows from peers, prospective clients, and industry stakeholders who rely on Assembl as their trusted resource. Professionals can establish themselves as leaders in their field and enhance their professional image.

Assembl works by providing a space where high-quality images take centre stage in the design process. Professionals can showcase their portfolio with stunning visuals, ensuring their expertise reaches a highly targeted audience actively seeking architectural design, interior design, or construction services for their projects. This platform provides unparalleled visibility to potential clients seeking professional assistance, making Assembl a game-changer in the industry.

Who can join?

Assembl is open to architects, designers, builders, engineers, photographers and certain specialised trade contractors who seek to expand their client base and showcase their expertise.

It is crucial for us to build a carefully curated database of professionals known for their outstanding work within the architecture, design, and building industry. Currently, we are extending invitations to professionals from various disciplines who are hoping to feature on the Assembl platform.

To assess your eligibility, please get in touch with us here. If you’ve contributed to a project we’ve featured but haven’t received due credit, kindly inform us, and we will promptly reach out to you.

What will I get?

As a professional on Assembl, you enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Showcase your portfolio to a targeted audience actively seeking architectural, design, and building services.
  2. Direct Client Connections: Connect with potential clients for inquiries, consultations, and collaborations.
  3. Credibility and Recognition: Elevate your industry standing, gaining recognition from peers, clients, and experts.
  4. Networking: Expand your professional network and collaborate with peers.
  5. Lead Generation: Streamline lead acquisition, maximizing business opportunities.
  6. Project Exposure: Attract clients seeking architectural design, interior design, or construction services.
  7. Substantial Savings: Enjoy significant discounts on materials and products from our long list of suppliers through an automatic registration to a trade and commercial accounts.
How do I find out more?

Should you have any inquiries concerning your professional presence within the architecture, design, or building industry on Assembl, kindly reach out to us at

For any other questions or comments, we welcome you to utilize our contact form. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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