Advice – How to Elevate Your Bedroom Appeal


We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms — from reading our favourite books to getting a good night’s sleep. But sometimes, this sacred space needs a refresh.

Here, we’re sharing some simple ways to elevate your bedroom appeal for when your sleeping space could use a change for the better.


White Cozy Coastal Bedroom Interior



Remove a Furniture Piece

An overcrowded bedroom surely doesn’t scream sophistication. To elevate your bedroom to look more stylish and welcoming, decide what furniture is truly essential and remove the rest.

Even simply removing a single piece of furniture can do wonders.



Consider the Size of Your Furniture

In the same vein, considering the size of your furniture is also important.

You might assume that a king-sized bed will always be more luxurious. But, in reality, there’s nothing luxurious about a room that feels packed to the brim. Instead, choose smaller furniture that allows for a better flow, instantly transforming your space.


Portrait White Frame Mockup On Retro Wooden Bedside Table. Modern White Ceramic Vase, Dry Lagurus Ovatus Grass. Cup Of Coffee And Books In Bed. Beige Linen Pillows In Bedroom. Scandinavian Interior.


Find Your Light

Although lighting is one of the most important aspects of any interior design, it’s often the last thing on our minds.

Natural light is always best as it offers the fullest, most flattering spectrum of colour. So, you’ll want to take advantage of sunlight as much as possible. Also, adding a mirror or two allows the natural light to bounce and reflect throughout the space for a more expansive feel.




Decide on a Colour Palette

To design a bedroom that’s truly exquisite, a colour palette ties everything together.

Start with three colours that fit well together, using one as the base, another for the upholstery, and the third as an accent colour. You might also start by coordinating with the flooring and working your way up, creating interest throughout the space.



Choose a Focal Point

Instead of packing all your favourite things into your bedroom, a more thoughtful approach is to decide on a main focal point.

Perhaps you’ll create a statement wall with textured wallpaper or install an iconic chandelier over the bed. An art piece also works as a bedroom focal point and majestic bed heads are another popular option.



Reduce Clutter 

Our bedrooms often become a catch-all zone of knick-nacks, dirty clothes, and kid’s toys. However, if we focus on only using our bedroom for relaxing and sleeping, we can avoid a lot of the clutter.

Give everything you’d like to keep in your bedroom a specific home. Otherwise, things are less likely to get put back where they belong if there’s nowhere to put them.



Incorporate Textures

Apart from choosing colours and statement designs, taking a textural approach can boost your bedroom appeal to the next level.

Woven rugs, braided blankets, or furry throw pillows bring an element of cosiness to any space. Handmade ceramics and wooden furniture bring natural warmth. And stainless steel or smooth mirrored textures tie in an industrial vibe that’s always trendy.

Stick to one textural style or mix and match to fully elevate your bedroom.


Choosing Upholstery Fabric Color And Texture From Various Colorful Samples In A Store. Female Customer Hands Touching Textile.


Mix It Up

 For a bespoke design, mix up where you purchase your furniture and fixtures for a custom look. In other words, don’t transport a department store showroom directly into your home.

Avoid buying pieces from the same collections. This can leave your space looking too matchy-matchy. Your home should feel like a representation of your personal taste and style, not a hotel room with little imagination.



Create Calm and Serenity

Last, but not least, you’ll instantly elevate your bedroom appeal by creating a calm, serene environment in the space.

The best interior designs are both stunning and practical. So, it’s important to make sure that every choice you make creates a space that’s inviting and somewhere you actually want to spend time.

With a few simple tweaks, not only can your bedroom become a space that’s chic and stunning, but somewhere that feels as good as it looks.



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