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Frequently asked questions

What is the process for wholesalers or e-commerce stores to join the Assembl Store platform?

At Assembl, joining our platform is a streamlined process. Wholesalers or e-commerce stores can initiate the process by submitting an application through our platform or by directly contacting our dedicated team. Once approved, our team will guide you through setting up your store, uploading product listings, and integrating your inventory seamlessly onto our platform.

What types of products are suitable for listing on the Assembl Store, and are there any specific requirements for the items?

Assembl welcomes a diverse array of products relevant to the architecture, design, and building industry. This includes furniture, lighting, fixtures, building materials, decor items, and technology solutions. We maintain quality standards to ensure that listed products align with our platform’s focus on design excellence and construction relevance.

How does the integration of a wholesaler or e-commerce store onto the Assembl platform work?

Our integration process is designed for ease and efficiency. Upon approval, our technical support team assists in seamlessly integrating your store onto the Assembl platform. This involves setting up your store profile, uploading product details, images, and pricing. We ensure a smooth transition of your inventory onto our platform to maximise your presence and reach.

What are the advantages of merging onto the Assembl Store compared to operating independently?

Merging onto the Assembl platform offers unique advantages, notably exposure to our targeted audience within the architecture, design, and building industry. By joining our curated platform, sellers gain access to engaged users, potentially increasing visibility and sales. Moreover, our seamless browsing-to-purchase interface enhances the customer experience, driving sales.

How does Assembl handle product listings, pricing, and inventory management for wholesalers or e-commerce stores within the platform?

At Assembl, sellers have control over their product listings, pricing, and inventory management. Our user-friendly interface allows you to manage listings, ensuring accurate representation of products, competitive pricing, and real-time inventory updates. We empower sellers to maintain control and flexibility over their offerings.

Are there specific guidelines or recommendations for optimising product listings and visibility on the Assembl Store?

We provide comprehensive guidelines and best practices to optimise product listings for maximum visibility on the Assembl Platform. This includes recommendations for high-quality images, detailed descriptions, accurate tags, and other strategies to enhance product discoverability within our platform.

What kind of support or resources does Assembl offer to wholesalers or e-commerce stores using the platform?

Assembl offers robust support through user guides, tutorials, and dedicated customer service tailored to assist sellers in maximising their presence and sales on our platform. Our support team is readily available to address queries and provide guidance as needed.

Can wholesalers or e-commerce stores manage transactions and orders directly through the Assembl platform?

Yes, sellers on the Assembl platform can efficiently manage transactions and orders directly through our platform’s intuitive interface. This includes managing order processing, fulfilment, and customer interactions, providing a centralised system for managing sales efficiently.

How does Assembl ensure a seamless experience for customers when purchasing products from wholesalers or e-commerce stores within the platform?

At Assembl, we prioritise a seamless customer experience. Our platform offers an intuitive browsing and purchasing process. Customers can explore products, access detailed information, and complete purchases directly within our platform. We strive to provide a unified shopping experience while showcasing diverse products from multiple sellers.


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